Filtration Systems

Iron Removal: Will reduce the orange/brown stains attributed to concentrations greater than 0.3 parts per million(ppm) . Our iron filters use a unique media called Filox. Filox is a very efficient iron reduction media that acts as a catalyst to remove the iron from the water supply. This media requires only a backwashing cycle to clean the filter bed which eliminates the use of regeneration chemicals. We recommend the installation of a softener after the Iron Filter to guarantee a total iron removal. 

Carbon Filter: The carbon filter will eliminate unpleasant chlorine taste and odor found in some municipal and well water supplies. The filters use a high capacity Bituminous based Granular Activated Carbon(GAC) which can remove chlorine for years. The filters will make your entire home chlorine free without costly filter cartridge replacements.

Turbidity: Aggregate filter is designed to reduce turbidity particles down to a size of 10 microns or greater. The aggregate filters require a simple backwashing cycle to clean the filter bed. These filters would eliminate the need for costly cartridge replacements used in inline filters. 

Low pH: The acid neutralizer filters will eliminate the blue/green stains attributed to acidic water(having a pH between 5.6 and 6.9) The corrosive water is neutralized when it passes through calcium and magnesium based media called Calcite. The media must be added to the unit at least once a year. Increasing pH also increases hardness; we recommend installing a softener after the neutralizer to remove increased hardness.

  • Pinholes in piping
  • Blue/Green staining
  • Chlorine taste/odor
  • Discolored clothing
  • Pipes deteriorating 
  • Orange/Brown stains
  • Toilet stains
  • Metallic taste
  • Appliances not lasting as long as they should


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