Water Purification

Chlorine Benefits

  • Reduces some disagreeable taste/ordor
  • Provides residual disinfection
  • Can help remove iron/manganese from water. 

Chlorine Drawbacks

  • Requires storage of noxious chemicals
  • Requires ongoing monitoring of chlorine levels.
  • Often requires contact tank
  • Can alter taste/odor of water.
  • Corrosive

Chlorine Maintenance

  • Refilling chlorine supplies
  • Cleaning any clogged injection points
  • Cleaning all surfaces showing corrosion
  • Cleaning entire system annually
  • Checking for loose, worn, missing, or broken parts.

Ultraviolet Light(UV) Benefits

  • Requires no chemicals
  • Easy Installation
  • Does not alter the taste of your water

UV Drawbacks

  • Requires pre-treatment(for sediment and softeners if water is hard)
  • Some Viruses require high UV dose. 

UV Maintenance

  • Yearly lamp replacement
  • Occasional quartz sleeve cleaning or replacement.